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Culinary Research & Development 

The experience your customers have at your restaurant defines the success of your brand. And while that success is driven by a number of factors, it all begins with the quality of the food and the flavor of dishes you serve.  We take a strategic approach to our culinary research and development process: one that blends art and science to develop restaurant food service recipes to reflect trends, emerging dietary concerns, and at times - pure chef-driven inspiration.  

Restaurant Kitchen-Tested Recipes

As a Gordon Food Service customer. we can help you reinvigorate your restaurant’s menu with new recipes and food concepts. We conduct extensive statistical and media research to help you keep your restaurant at the leading edge of the culinary curve. Each culinary trends tour conducted by our team of chefs brings a set of insights to our test kitchen. These recipe concepts are tested and refined in order to work for your operation the first time, every time.

We want our culinary team to be your trusted partner, if you have an idea for a recipe, our team will work with  you to help develop your idea into a successful dish. We deliver our culinary expertise to you in a format that works for you and your business. As a Gordon Food Service customer you will have access to:

Our staff of chefs are focused on developing relevant restaurant recipes and menu innovations that will satisfy the changing tastes and needs of your customers, while staying true to their traditional favorites.

Our Culinary Team

Our restaurant recipe development is led by Corporate Consulting Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC, and Corporate Test Kitchen Chef Ed Westerlund, CEC. Our chefs tour the country to find the innovative, cutting-edge food trends that customers are asking for. With remarkable credentials in the culinary world, our Corporate Consulting Chefs have delivered keynote addresses at some of the nation's largest food service conferences, ensuring that they continue to act as experts in the culinary field. 

Executive Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC 

Chef Gerry Ludwig is a nationally recognized food writer, speaker, and trend-tracker. 

Through a combined analysis of statistical and media data, coupled with extensive street-level research, Chef Gerry oversees the creation of trend-based culinary solutions for Gordon Food Service customers, is a frequent speaker at customer events and industry conferences across the country, and is a columnist for the food service trend magazine Flavor & The Menu and Next Course, a Gordon Food Service magazine.      

Become A Customer      

We take our relationship with our customers very seriously. That's why we'll work with you to deliver the recipes that work the best for your operation, whether it’s a trendy dish, or a familiar favorite.  It's our recipe for your success, and we ensure that it's a part of every recipe we share with you. Interested in making our culinary expertise a part of your team? 

Take Your Business to the Next Level

No matter your operation size or type, we can partner with you to help your business grow and succeed.


You’ve set the framework, and we want to work with you to serve up the best to your own customers.

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