Branding Your Foodservice Program

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Catalyst Sales BuildingAre you branding by default or design?

Whether you’ve deliberately worked on it or not, your business has established a brand that makes an impression on customers and potential customers.You may be lucky; customers may have a good impression of your business even though you haven’t given branding a second thought.

But it’s just luck; the brand has developed haphazardly without any direction from you. That may reflect well on your ability to run a restaurant, but it is not an intentionally crafted strategic asset.  It’s far better to manage your brand actively and to control, as much as possible, the impression people have of you.

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Create a Brand Identity with the Experts

Branding helps distinguish you from your competition, but it can be tough to do on a typical food service budget and work schedule. Gordon Food Service offers an exclusive program that makes it easy and affordable for any operator to implement sophisticated branding strategies. As a customer, we can help you to develop a strong brand identity and marketing program. 
  • Choose from a variety of branding concepts reflecting different cuisines
  • Select menus, signage, merchandising materials, food photos, and more
  • Customize materials to your business

In partnership with Gordon Food Service and our relationship with Custom Concepts, you can: 

  • Identify best concept(s) for your operation
  • Best time to start
  • Best place to locate branding efforts
  • Best way to implement and measure program

K–12 School Benefits

Branding isn't just for restaurants. Education foodservice benefits from promoting their program. With branding, you can: 

  • Encourage greater participation and promote loyalty
  • Offset one-time costs of signs by increasing Type A lunch participation

College and University Benefits

  • Designed for dining rooms, student centers, food courts, and freestanding operations
  • Eliminates restrictive franchise rules and ongoing royalty payments

Healthcare Benefits

  • Boosts positive perception of your food service operation
  • Encourages self-sufficiency and increases facility and labor return on investment

Commercial Restaurant Benefits

  • Easy options for promoting high-profile special events or featured menus

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Contact your sales representative if you are interested in working together to build you brand. If you are not a current customer, we would love to talk to you about your food service operation. Click the button below to get started.