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In foodservice, 120% of restaurant employees turnover, and the average cost to train a new employee ranges from $1,500-$1,800. We want to partner with you to help reduce your turnover rate with a variety of proven food service training programs, all of which are easy to maintain and implement.

Our workforce management programs were developed by our staff of subject matter experts, exclusively for you as a customer. The programs will help you implement training programs in compliance with federal regulations, with pre-and post-tests, attendance sheets, presentations, and certificates of completion.

Workforce Management Solutions

Gordon Food Service has teamed with TraitSet, an integrated workforce management software pioneer, to help you reduce the crushing expense of employee turnover.

TraitSet will help you hire the right person for each job and increase employee satisfaction through improved onboarding, training, and scheduling. These programs are offered in a few different formats.

TraitSet Hire

  • Online application process saves time and paperwork
  • Online behavioral assessment, designed specifically for restaurants
  • Evaluates work ethic, integrity, customer service, leadership potential, and more
  • Assesses math and verbal abilities

TraitSet OnBoard

  • Cloud computing ensures all forms are up to date
  • Electronic forms available for enrollment, taxes, policies, and more
  • E-Verify confirms legal work status

TraitSet Train

  • Online library of training modules
  • Customizable for your business
  • Workshops, quizzes, exams, skill assessments, and more

TraitSet Schedule

  • Visual, interactive, online system eases scheduling
  • Real-time updates and budgeting
  • Employees can check schedules, pick up or trade shifts, and more, via all smartphones

One-Stop Solution

TraitSet is the only integrated, automated solution that addresses all of your employee needs and reduces labor costs in the process. It’s affordable for any size operation and available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers.

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If you are a current customer, learn more about our workforce management programs. If you are not a current customer, we would love to talk to you about your foodservice operation and how our services will benefit you. Click the button below to get started.

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