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Restaurant & Food Service Solutions 

At Gordon Food Service, it is our goal to make our customers' food service business thrive.
We know that you're always looking forward to run a seamless food service operation, and our suite of value-added business tools and services offer solutions for menu design, marketing, labor, staff training, compliance, operations and planing to meet long term goals. Invite us to your table to talk about how we can help. Become a customer

Sales Building 

We help you improve your restaurant or food service business by developing an effective food marketing program that will boost sales and grow your business

Food Service Training Programs 

The food service industry experiences an average employee turnover rate of 120 percent. Costs of training a new employee range from $1,500-$1,800.00. Reduce turnover and improve your restaurant business operations by attracting and retaining the right people with our proven food service training programs.

Food Service Operations & Regulatory Compliance

From food safety regulations to local food procurement, stay ahead of the game with efficient operations. Our goal is to make your food service operations thrive. We can ease the worry and anxiety surrounding regulation compliance by arming you with the best information, resources, and strategies for your food service operation

Online Tools

Reduce food costs, manage your inventory efficiently, and improve your bottom line with our complete line of online tools to grow and build your business.