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Feeding a crowd can be a challenge. From hotels and daycare centers, caterers and convenience stores, camps and churches, cruise ships and amusement parks, to recreation and correctional facilities - we know that your food service operation’s goals and challenges are as unique as you are.

The right food at the right moment can make the difference between keeping pace and falling short. Our innovative technology and proactive people ensure you have the food items you need, when you need them. 

We work collaboratively with your operation to develop a customized catalog of products and services to help you focus on what really matters: your customers, and your food.

Simple Technology and Solutions


Gordon Experience

Do more with less by using this online resource to manage your day-to-day food service business details. Find menu inspiration, customized programs, and services that can help you to grow.

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Recipe Manager

We’ve made it easy for you to compare food costs to menu prices so you can make strategic decisions that boost your profitability.

Find Out How to Compare Food Costs

food inventory software
Inventory Manager

We make managing inventory simpler and smoother, so that you can ensure you avoid hidden food costs that impede your cash flow, such as waste, spoilage, theft, and overstocking.

See How You Can Manage Your Inventory

More Ways We Help Food Service Operators

We deliver the customized solutions, trends, and events you need to develop your business.

Gordon Food Service Stores

Big or small, Gordon Food Service Stores are your one-stop shop for all of your food service needs. 

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