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Restaurant operators continue to discover the value of catering in their business, and despite the bumps and challenges you may face along the way, we’re here to partner with you to help grow and expand your business. With targeted customer-focused tools, solutions, and products, we can help you ensure that your catering operation continues to succeed.

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Essentials to Develop a Successful Catering Menu  

If you’re not already doing so, make sure you play to your strengths based on your core menu concept, equipment, and expertise. Catering menus often offer larger portion sizes and sometimes offer items that are not on the current restaurant menu. See how we help our customers develop catering menus based on their business goals.  

Find Profitability in Your Restaurant Catering Service

Restaurant catering profitability is equal to or sometimes greater than the on-premise operation. However, there are some increased packaging costs with catering, and an off-premise catering style will require an initial investment to transport prepared food to the location. 

We offer tools and services that determine your costs, provide restaurant catering supplies, and manage your investment to ensure the most profitable outcome. 

Discover the Catering Style That Works For Your Business

Whether you pursue off-site catering, on-site catering, or takeaway catering, each brings its own challenges and opportunities:

Audit Your Catering Equipment & Supplies

You may have most of what you need to start a catering operation on-site, but your catering style could require additional food prep and cooking appliances, dishes, containers, food carriers, and additional or portable tables, chairs and tableware.  We specialize in determining your catering business’ supply needs.  

Analyze Your Current Space

Restaurant catering requires dedicated space for prep, cooking, and significant packaging. Additionally, holding bins may be necessary to stage items while the order is assembled for either serving on-premise or transport off-premise. These tasks can sometimes require additional if not dedicated space.

Get Catering Resources Tailored For Your Business 

We have helped many restaurants expand their businesses by providing them with valuable knowledge and restaurant catering supplies. Often, catering allows you to increase your sales without adding more to your current building space. 

No matter your operation size or type, we can partner with you to help your business grow and succeed.


You’ve set the framework, and we want to work with you to serve up the best to your own customers.

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